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Friday, August 05, 2005


Around 2 weeks ago I attended a seminar on "Creativity".... made me think a while about how I view things ... the basic fact the lecturer pointed out was that "Creative thinking is a natural ability that everyone possesses, but few know how to use effectively." .... also spoke about how you can turn a crisis into an opportunity .. things like that ... it was quite interesting actually .. but I really need to read more on that.... I quite liked the "Six Thinking Hats" method which I'd heard of but never really "practised". Yesterday while surfing the net I found an article on how this method can even be used in the classroom ! Pretty interesting... Though I don't know if one can actually go around saying to himself " Ok now I'll put on the yellow hat... been wearing the black one for too long"! I'm trying to apply it a little ... sort of just means that you try to think and act in a rational way I think :-) ... anyway I might be attending workshops soon .. just hope they do start soooooooooooooon....


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