Living Life

Thursday, November 30, 2006

So since I'm sitting at home practically doing nothing other than making sure my foot isn't dangling off the chair so that it doesn't swell... I thought I might as well write something on my abandoned blog ! Actually I never meant to abondon it .... it just so happened that I got really busy (old excuse...I know ) then I just never "felt" like saying anything here.... I think I was too tired of "saying" in real life ... things have been really hectic since Ramadan started ... (alhamdulilah Ramadan was lovely though)... but there was so much to do in absolutely every part of my life ... work, family, charity work, renovating and trying to move in a new house ("trying to" coz we still haven't moved)... and suddenly getting many so called "suitors" (nothing worked out though!) etc etc... I don't think I ever talked as much in any other period of my life!! Sometimes I'd sit with mama and I'd start laughing... I'd say that I never imagined I'd actually be that "tired of talking" ... and she'd tell me "you're just like your father!!" Hehehehe... baba doesn't talk that much ... I don't think I'm really like him but maybe for a girl I may sometimes be considered the "not that talkative" type ... I dunno I don't really feel it but that's what the folks say :-)

Baba just called from Libya to ask about my ankle... my swollen ankle ... alhamdulilah no broken bones or or fractures but something like what they call torn ligaments ... alhamdulilah ... was a pretty bad fall off the stairs but was carrying clothes to give away so I fell on them and they were like cushions !!! So I just have this ankle thing that's pretty bad ... have to wear the bandage for 3 weeks inshAllah ...can go to work starting next week inshAllah ... but none of my shoes fit !!! Yikessssssss !! Only one sort of fits but it's not a shoe ya3ni it's open at the back ... will have to do with that for now !!

Now I know this sounds "cliche" but I kind of missed it around here ... I mean writing and connecting with people on the blogosphere... I'd read a little when I could ... and get to know everybody's news... but it's been a little quieter than usual I think.. with the exception of a few really "faithful" bloggers ... and a couple of new blogs ...
OK ... off to my blogroll now to "comment away" !!