Living Life

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Congratulations LouLou :-)

Just wanted to use some space on my blog to wish you the best in your new life inshAllah :-)

You're one of my favourite bloggers... and I love reading what you write ... even when I sometimes don't agree with some of your views.... I still enjoy your blog ... and have grown to respect the warm, passionate person in you.... God bless you ...

In around a week's time you'll be celebrating the start of a new phase of your life with your beloved K... just wanted to tell you

بارك الله لك، و بارك عليك، و جمع بينكما في خير

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Catching up...

So I haven't posted anything for ten WHOLE days .... I mean I'm not the regular sort of blogger bas ya3ni mesh keda !!!! There is so much happening ... and quite a lot to say ... sometimes I get the urge to write while I'm cooking ... or when I get into bed ... or when I'm coming home in a taxi .... all times when I can't write ....
I haven't even been able to keep up with my blogger friends... I sometimes check a few blogs ... like checking on my friends.... but I don't comment.... just see that they're doing fine and that's it ... like popping your head in your friend's office and waving ... but not really chatting or anything...
So today I decided to catch up with all what you guys have been saying .... then sit and write... but by the time I was done with your blogs... I was too tired to write !!! and it's getting late ... gotta get some sleep...
Nightie night

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I thank God...

For having faith in Him
for giving us the Holy Quran
for being loved
for being able to love
for being able to breathe
for being able to see
for being able to hear
for being able to touch
for being able to taste
for being able to think
for being able to talk
for being able to read
for being able to write
for being able to walk
for being able to run
for being able to smile
for being able to laugh
for being able to sleep
for being able to forgive
for being able to forget
for my good health
for my stable mental and psychological state
for creating me the way I am
for being blessed with wonderful parents
for being blessed with amazing brothers
for my adorable baby niece
for my friends
for being raised in a comfortable atmosphere
for my incredible childhood
for my education
for being able to afford to eat well
for my warm welcoming bed
for being able to appreciate what I have
for the greenery around us
for the sky
for the sea
for the sun
for the moon
neverending list ... I could go on forever...

"And if you would count Allah's favors, you will not be able to number them; most surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "
(An-nahl : 18)

Take a moment and thank God :-)

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Was alone at home today.... little bro left to Cairo last night for the medical check up for the horrible military service....spent the morning lazing around a little then clearing up, then preparing tomorrow's lessons... got carried away with that... then I realised that it's time to go to the mosque....

Reached late... they'd prayed already... and it was so full mashAllah... looked around for an empty space to pray... didn't focus on any faces... found a space and headed straight for it... put down my bag and prayed and prayed and prayed ... oblivious of my surroundings.... finished praying.... Asalaamu3alaikom wa ra7matullah...

Psssst Psssst ....

That was the lady who'd set me up with her son... sitting 2 metres away... waiting for me to finish praying so she could say hello !! Went over to her and she kissed me .... saying that now she has 2 daughters... her daughter... and me....

Awkward awkward situation... didn't know what to say... smiled and said thank you.. and went back to my place....